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A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it's own wings. Always believe in yourself -- is me.

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Jumaat, 27 Ogos 2010


HEYY , guyss , i'm big girl now ,
u can know me well if u read this , all abouT me (=

i'm addicted to Miley Cyrus , hindustan movie (suke !) , songs , BOYS BEFORE FLOWER , photography and editing , hee~~
things i cannot be apart ~ lappy , handphone ,
love to ~ family , frienship , talk , social network , blogging , and best friend (=
very good in sleep , awake , writing , travel ,and sports
consider myself as hypocrite , liars , honest , universal , kind-hearted ,
i have no fav colour , food , drink , eat n drink everything okeyy
i don't like ppl change myself as i love the way i am
i can accept various perspective and can change myself anytime i want
i love to keep revenge to person who hurt me as i love them very much ,
until i can make them feel bad and back to me (so , be aware ! )
i will be iNcredible bad talkers as u caNt expect me like that if i heard u talk bad bout me as i never disturb u ,
really love daydreaming (=
always daydreaming that i'll met a tourist and didn't expect that he was a succesful man in his country , then he offer me to work with him and afford my study at his country , then come back to Malaysia as a succesful ppl ,
always dream i'll get twins after married as i really love babies so much ! (=
crazy bout them ,
love to sing , even my voice is not good enough ,
i can be in bathroom for an hour juz because daydream and singing ,
always upgrade myself as i look something interstring to add-up ,
very patient person , but once i get mad , please beware ,
always hope that i can marry someone that i don't know and fall in love after married as i really love arrangeable marriage (= (parent's decide )
but i'll leave it toAllah ,
always pray that i will get some light to change myself to be better person ,
love to keep memorable things ,
consider that lie is sweet than the truth coz most of my life is better with lie and i'll get hurt once i know the truth , (= ,
so i love LIE !
person know me well is just ME !
P/S : if u read this u have know most about me , so don'y ask more !
to my siong trueno , that's true that i love arrangeable marriage , but it doesn't mean i don't love and wanna share my life wtih u , but as i said before , i'll leave it to ALLAH (=

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