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Rabu, 8 Februari 2012

Dirty Thought

Assalamualaikum :)

What is dirty thought ?
 sila google sendiri . HAHAHAHA 

When you have a friends who likes to talk about dirty tings,
He/She did have dirty thought,
I really do not have problem with this ,
Cause me myself have this dirty thought but as a jokes with friends.

You should realize whether friend of yours can accept it as a jokes or not,
Me myself will make it as a jokes as long as that friend of mine can accept it,
but , most of my friends have that same kind of mind like me.
So, there are no problem about this.

But now, I'm way too disappointed.
When there are someone who always talk dirty ONLY with me, 
and also mean it (which mean it is not as jokes)
this is the things I hate the most.

I can be patient when he/she doesn't know i'm not that type,
but when this kind of people seems can't understand
when I already told and rejected it .
I'm starting to hate them.

This kind of behavior really make me sick,
and I still can't determined why I'm still be friends with these people.
You ruin my day people.
Everytime I think about it ,
It makes me angry.
You lose my smile towards you.
You lose my jokes towards you.
I think I don't even wanna have a chat with these people.

I'm avoiding.
Thank you and stop bothering.

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